Check out the power point presentations from the 2010 Summit

All presentations are now uploaded on SlideShare:

What’s in there?

A few keynote presentations:

  • Marc Lassus’s keynote slides:

Marc Lassus is a well know business entrepreneur.

He has founded several very successful companies, among them Gemplus which he grew to become a $1.5B company in less than 10 years. Mr. Lassus is currently an independent consultant who is involved in several high tech companies targeting biomedical, health care, mobility and telecommunications as well as future smart cards. He is a shareholder and board member of several very young companies including Vision SA, Medclan, Cyrama and Intelligent Vibrations among others. He is also the founder and board Member of Cassis International, a leading solution and service provider of smart cards innovation, technology and services. Mr. Lassus is also the chairman of the board for Mobiz Technologies, and Last but not least Co Founder  and shareholder of NHEOLIS Wind Turbines.

From 1990 to 2001, Mr. Lassus was CEO of Gemplus, a world wide leader in smart cards. Before Gemplus, he was CEO of SGS-Thomson Microelectronics a leading provider of silicon devices. Mr. Lassus has also worked in various capacities at Matra-Harris and Motorola.

Mr. Lassus is a graduate of the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Lyon (France) where he earned a PhD in Solid State Physics.

  • Francois Mizzi’s PDA project presentation:

Francois Mizzi holds a PhD in physics and has filed several patents in the field of “Tactile”(Fingertip-Touch screen).

Since 1980, he has worked as a Computer-Architect of TPC (Tactile-Pocket-Computer). He has lived in the US, Japan and France, where he founded 3 R&D companies that have developed the user friendly TPC family named “ACTIL – TDA”. Jackito is the latest in the line of over 20 TDA models.

He has worked with over 200 hardware, firmware and software engineers, who thrive on developing a more user-friendly form of multimedia that combines Finger-Touch with sound and vision. This new multimedia marks the beginning of a major cultural and socio-economic shift.

  • Lisa Nitze’s presentation of the Social-Enterprise Alliance:

In may 2010 Lisa Nitze has been named President and CEO of the Social Enterprise Alliance, the largest membership organization for social entrepreneurs in North America and the national network linking social enterprises in the U.S. and Canada with peer networks abroad.

Lisa took over at the Alliance after nearly five years at Ashoka, where she most recently served as Vice President of the Global Engagement Team.  While at Ashoka, Nitze was responsible for securing resources and providing other support and consulting services for leading social entrepreneurs and their enterprises around the globe.  She connected business entrepreneurs, Foundations and corporations with leading social change agents; oversaw development of a global business mentors network; and spearheaded a global partnership between Ashoka and the members of the YPO-WPO Social Enterprise Network.

  • Dimis Michaelides’ Art of Innovation presentation:

Dimis Michaelides combines his unique experience as a business executive and creativity leader with his talents as a speaker and magician to inspire people in organizations. In a very real and entertaining way, Dimis demonstrates how uncreative entities can become creative, how creative entities can become more so, and how innovation improves both business performance and happiness at work.

Dimis’ experience in finance, marketing and general management was acquired in Europe, North and South America and Africa in insurance, chemicals and banking. In a 25-year career, Dimis held various positions including CEO, Cyprialife; Marketing and Sales Director, Zeneca; Investment Officer, World Bank/IFC; Deputy Development Director, Council of Europe Development Bank. He is now active as a business speaker, author, consultant, creativity leader, lecturer (London University – Queen Mary) and Managing Director of his own company, Performa Consulting, that is dedicated to developing creativity and innovation in organizations.

A graduate of the London Business School, the London School of Economics and the University of Sussex, Dimis has always used his love of art, history, music and magic to contribute fresh perspectives to the business world.

  • Rodrigo Sepulveda Shultz’s closing keynote speech can be found on his SlideShare account:

And the pitch presentations from the presenting companies:

  • Andrexen
  • Black Duck Software
  • VirtuOz
  • Streamcore
  • Appsfire
  • Geniem
  • Entjoy
  • Cassis International
  • Spredfast
  • Eptica SA
  • i-Rode
  • Green City Energy
  • SeaB energy
  • Fusion Storm
  • Built IT SA
  • Bionersis
  • Minerva
  • Nheolis
  • Haption
  • e-storm
  • NAVX
  • Innoveox
  • e-steresys
  • Qinect
  • Jamendo
  • Communaute Apprenante en anglais
  • e-group
  • MakeSense
  • Tryane
  • Linagora
  • Ninesigma
  • Evenium
  • Mandala Games
  • WaterWalla

Hope You’ll enjoy them, some are still really good!



Special thanks to Rodrigo Sepulveda Shulz, official photographer of the i7Summit!


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