Frog Design at i7: FrogThink method in action

frogThink™ is frog design’s method for conducting facilitated creative work-sessions.

frogThinks are geared toward getting people inspired to think more creatively, innovatively, and take more risks. They generate large quantities of ideas that are iteratively honed to become concrete concepts to move forward with. frogThinks provide a means to align stakeholders from different disciplines or groups around a common challenge and set of perspectives.

Most brainstorming is about becoming uninhibited, having fun, and firing out a stream of novel ideas, no matter how relevant, beneficial or practical they are. By contrast, frogThinks are highly structured and rigorous, with step-by-step tools that get people to be innovative and creative, without them even realizing it. The intimidation and pressure that some people feel about having to suddenly become creative is therefore removed, and more ideas are the result.


Using a custom-selected set of tools and workflows, people work in small groups on well-defined focus topics, but collaborate with the entire group toward a common goal. They come away energized, with a lot of new ideas, and new perspectives on how to solve tricky challenges.


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