i7 Summit is partner with AFIC – the French Private Equity Association

Established in 1984, the French Private Equity Association (AFIC) has 280 active members covering all types of private equity activities in France: Venture Capital firms (FCR), Venture Capital Funds (FCPR), Innovation Funds (FCPI), Local Investment Funds (FIP), management companies, consulting firms, funds of funds, investment companies, etc. In addition, AFIC has 200 associate members from a wide range of related professions – attorneys, accountants and auditors, consultants, bankers, etc. – who support and advise investors and entrepreneurs in the structuring and management of their partnerships.

By virtue of its responsibilities in the areas of compliance, controlling and establishing generally accepted practices, AFIC is one of two associations recognized by the French Financial Market Authority (AMF). Management companies must be AFIC members in order to be certified by the AMF. AFIC is the only professional association focused on the Private Equity business.

In addition to its services on behalf of members (monitoring of legal, regulatory and tax developments; research studies and statistics; training; development and communication), AFIC serves as a central hub to represent and promote the Private Equity business to institutional investors, opinion leaders and public policy makers. Through its ongoing discussions, AFIC helps to improve the financing of the economy, notably for small business, and to promote economic growth and entrepreneurial spirit.

Private Equity supports a significant portion of employment in France and represents one of the main growth drivers for the French economy. In 2010, AFIC’s members invested more than €6.6 billion in more than 1,650 companies. Accounting for 20% of the European market, the French Private Equity business is the largest in Continental Europe and the third-largest worldwide.


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