Karsten Langer, Chairman, European Venture Capitalist Association will speak at i7 Summit

Karsten Langer, Chairman, European Venture Capitalist Association is a speaker in the expert panel “Empowering SMEs and Entrepreneurs”.

About EVCA Venture Capital Forum


This year’s EVCA Venture Capital Forum sees a return to cautious optimism around many aspects of our business model.

Buoyancy in the exit markets is signalling a return to good times and the opportunity for much-needed liquidity events (see session 2 ‘State of the Capital Markets’). This in turn is feeding greater interest in what venture capital can do.

Combine this with the impressive stock of latent value within European venture capital portfolios and the fact that the industry is so undercapitalised, there is a compelling story for the most forward-looking institutional investors.

Of course fundraising remains difficult in the wake of the crisis, but not impossible, and we have a large panel of VCs fresh from the road willing to share their experiences (see session 3 ‘Yes we can! Fundraising in difficult times’).

Meanwhile in policy circles, venture capital is one of the few private sector cards left to play in order to regenerate Europe’s fortunes and competitiveness on a world stage (see session 10). We’ll also be engaging with the people that make the economy – and our portfolios – tick.

Entrepreneurs. Nobody is perfect, but teams can be, and we’ll be talking about how we can become the ultimate ‘Dream teams’ (session 5). For all these reasons, the VCF 2011 comes at a tipping point for our industry. We look forward to welcoming you to Budapest in October.


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